Product Description:

Clipline is a partition system that can fit to your offices in a very efficient way. It can be either fixed by pressure, or by plain screws. It is economical, and provides many similar qualities as those of other partitioning products.

The structure is all made of highly stable aluminum profiles which give rigidity and endurance to the system.

A very fine aluminum profile holds the glass, wood, or metal sheets by clipping them onto the structure. This profile is very thin in depth, so that it does not hold any dust. In addition, it has a width of 3cm that makes it more convenient to hold the panels and yet keep its discrete appearance. And it can be colored to any RAL color of your choice.

It is a very stable and functional partition system. The “fixing by pressure” feature enables it to be very easily removed without damaging adjoining carpet and ceiling tiles. It can be removed and replaced as much as your needs grow in the future. With slight interference, panels can be interchanged thus providing freedom to change office space.

Product Files: