Product Description:

An innovative product to be used in your private or public construction projects.

Rega Pak/Tripak is optimal development of the conventional roller shutter; it is a folding roller shutter made of aluminium.

The exterior image of the building keeps its unity, the area efficiency a specific advantage that a watchful designer grants to his clients.

In closed position, self-locking burglar-proof system. Light control and complete dimming.


Packed roll in thermo-lacquered aluminum. REGA PAK / TRIPAK is an excellent alternative to traditional wrapping rollers. In closed position, this shutter has a self-locking security system against break-ins. Possibility of light regulation and total dimming. Ideal for new buildings and renovations as it offers a unique advantage: REGA PAK / TRIPAK is installed completely outside, thus improving thermal insulation.

  • Accoustic insulation: Solid structure isolatiung from external noises
  • Heat Insulation: Stop heat exchange with high density PU insulated slats
  • Light Insulation: Closed = dark. No light passage
  • Safe Against Burglaries: More safety in comparison to other products
  • Safe against vibrations: It doesn't produce noise even in strong winds
  • Safe in Price: Warranty can be extended and 5 years insurance is an option
  • Can be installed everywhere
  • Excellent for new buildings and renovations.
  • Wide range of colors
  • Consolidated and Innovative technology

Product Files:

  • Folding Shutters