Product Description:

Glazed Aluminum Folding Doors

SpacePlus folding doors from ASNAF Husseini group  make perfect additions to your home. They transform your unusable area into livable protected space, bringing the great outdoors to you in a controlled environment.

The practical and adaptable SpacePlus system will add life and spaciousness to any room. It is a weather-proof system fabricated out of many leaves attached together and top-hung with a lower guiding rail. SpacePlus folding doors offer the largest opening with minimum obstructions, giving you the clearest view by folding all door panels to one side or another, with an optional single leaf for passage or tilting for ventilation.

Your terrace or your balcony will be re-designed completely to your specifications and needs. We can also supply the roof for your pergola.

The quality of materials used, together with a sturdy construction will give practical service for years to come.

Coupled with adjustable rails and vertical frames and a unique multiple locking system, you get just what you've come to expect from ASNAF Husseini Group : Security, Excellence, and unsurpassed Performance.


Key Benefits

  • Folding doors can be opened inward or outward.
  • Leaves slide to any side in a tightly compact arrangement.
  • As many leaves as necessary can be attached, but we recommend separating every 4 or 6 leaves in very large openings for more convenience in handling.
  • No need to use any fixed columns at any intersection on angular shapes. When opened, the view remains clear of any obstructions.
  • Each folding door can be equipped with an independent active sash, which offers ideal ventilation especially when fabricated with tilt & turn mechanism.
  • The SPACEPLUS system is top hung permitting the bottom track to be recessed.
  • Maximum leaf width is dependent on its height. It is not recommended to exceed 95-100cm in width for any height. Ideal width is about 60-80cm.
  • The use of EPDM gaskets provides high performance in tightness, as well as thermal, sound, water and air proofing.
  • Gliding by means of highly performing rollers provide for smooth operation with minimum noise.
  • Rails and vertical side frames are easily adjustable to add more tightness.
  • Active sash is available with a lockable gear and a set of handles inside and outside upon request.
  • Prepared for single or multiple glazing options
  • Respects panoramic visibility
  • Easily cleanable
  • Suitable for restaurants, swimming pools, balconies, showrooms, and other applications…
  • Available in different colors: Aluminum profiles are available in an anodized or lacquered to any RAL color. Other visible parts are white, or black.
  • Custom made to different sizes and designs.

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